Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 - Szkic projektu Istnieje możliwość łączenia lokali w większe mieszkania.
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Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 - Widok na hol Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 - Widok na tył oficyny

An experienced project contractor, building and construction materials of the highest quality.


Intimate character and high standard of finishing in the apartment house’s communal space.


An excellent project which joins the historically suburban character of the buildings’ style with the modern requirements.

Apartment house

An intimate apartment house which is being built in Krakow at Czarnowiejska 21 St. is an unique investment. It is located in the centre of atmospheric part of Krakow, the OLD TOWN district, a place steeped in history and abound with extraordinary monuments.

Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 is located in close proximity of a historic complex of buildings at Dolnych Młynów St. as well as in the vicinity of Marek Grechuta Krakow Park.


Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 is a set of perfectly designed 27 apartments of varied floor space, suited to your individual needs.

Floor space ranging from 25m2 to 52m2 will provide its residents with intimacy and high level of comfort.

Everyone who will take up residence at Czarnowiejska 21 apartment house will surely appreciate the prevailing harmony, beauty and unique vibe of Cracovian historic suburban housing.

Intimate apartments

You would surely like your apartment to offer an all-embracing peace and a homely atmosphere. Those are the distinguishing features of Czarnowiejska 21 apartment house.

An exceptionally well-thought-out architectural project should guarantee an apartment with a comfortable and enormously functional space.

Your apartment will be bright, quiet, cosy, while being situated at the centre of a vibrant city.

Location history

The name of the street on which Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 is located comes from “Czarna Wieś” (“Black Village”). The village was located west of the old town and used to constitute its vast suburbs.

The first record of that location is dated at 1326. There are many historical documents which tell of “Czarne Ogrody” („Black Gardens”) being situated here. It is in these gardens that the best vegetables sold on Krakow Main Square were raised, even the high quality, sought-after tobacco.

In 1673 Czarna Wieś became a part of Garbary suburbs. The official records state that in 1869 Czarna Wieś along with the nearby hamlet Kawiory had 490 inhabitants and 39 houses.

In 1871 the then Mayor of Krakow, the visionary Józef Dietl, decided to open a factory in this district (located by the current-day Dolnych Młynów St.).

In 1885 Stanisław Rehman, a well-known entrepreneur and Cracovian restaurateur, leased out from military approx. 7 ha of grounds in the fortification belt at the exit of Karmelicka St.

This open space became the foundation for the establishment of a park in 1887, nowadays known as the Krakow Park.

Czarna Wieś has been incorporated to Krakow in 1910, nowadays it is the strict to city centre.

(photo from the collection of the Muzeum Historii Fotografii in Krakow)

Information on the surroundings

Krakow Park

100 meters

1 minute

1 minute

0 minutes

University of Agriculture

150 meters

2 minutes

1 minute

0 minutes

Bus and tram stop

210 meters

3 minutes

1 minute

0 minutes

AGH University of Science & Technology

230 meters

3 minutes

1 minute

0 minutes

Main Square

950 meters

12 minutes

3 minutes

0 minutes

Wawel castle

1600 meters

20 minutes

6 minutes

15 minutes

Shopping Centre

1900 meters

26 minutes

6 minutes

15 minutes

Main railway station

2000 meters

28 minutes

7 minutes

18 minutes

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